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Kitchen cabinets color match with the walls

You Should Read This if You are Looking to Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets

Redesigning your kitchen could be a stressful process. To simplify and make this process easier and let you end up with the kitchen of your dreams, we recommend content from the Youtube channel Inspire Me Home Decor.

The way that the interior designer and vblogger, Farah, simplifies this process could help you in the selection process. Having a plan before jumping to the store will help you to make smart decisions with less of a headache. From his process, we agree that the research and the organization of your choices are the way to do it. Having a solid idea first will avoid letting you get overwhelmed with too many options to choose.

From his perspective this is the steps that you need to follow:

1. Pick the colors, look and feel of your wall cabinets first.

Kitchen Cabinets color selection


Depending on the condition of your kitchen cabinets, you have two choices: you can reuse the cabinetry that you already have, by sanding and painting or you can buy ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. If you are looking for quality make sure that you choose solid wood cabinets.

2. The color and style cabinets will guide you in choosing the color of your walls.

Kitchen cabinets color match with the walls
Try to combine lighter cabinets with warm tones. This combination will depend on the location of your home too. Living at the beach or close in cooler weather will determine the type of color palette that you decide to choose. Also, keep in mind the atmosphere that you want to feel in the space.

If you have a kitchen island you don’t have to go with one color. You can mix the color of the wall cabinets and the base cabinets of the island. Always try to use light wall cabinets, and then a darker color in the base to give contrast. Keep in mind that will be much easier to change your island cabinets, instead of changing all the wall and base cabinets. We agree with this advice that “Inspire Me Home Decor” gave us.

3. Choosing the right handles for the door style that you want.

kitchen cabinets accesories handlers

If you choose a transitional kitchen cabinet for example, like our Liberty Shaker White, you need to make sure that the handles match with the style you choose — contemporary or traditional.

4.Choose the right countertop…don’t get lost in the selection process.

There are infinite options on the market to choose from, but don’t get overwhelmed. Always keep in mind the color palette from the starting process, and try to be cohesive with the general design. We do not recommend to changing the color palette too much. Too many changes and colors will break the harmony.

5. Maintenance over Looks

You need to think about maintenance, durability, and design. Not only are you looking for a beautiful look, you also want functionality and durability. Choosing Quartz over Marble is our best advice, as marble tends to be a high maintenance piece.

6. Appliance selection — Some appliances are more easy to clean than others.

kitchen appliances selection

Especially the ones that made of tempered glass.  Also know, too many appliances will reduce the storage space. In order to make the right decision, it is always great advice to ask yourself “How much time do I spend in my kitchen?”. The final decision will depend on what are you willing to sacrifice. Looks vs functionality.

7. Backsplash tile or clean wall look.

This selection will depend on the design look and feel that you want to achieve. Is more easy to define. What type of design type or trend is the best fit for you?

8. Flooring selection

This decision will have a direct impact on your budget, using wood finish is all the rage, but in some cases using tile over wood could be an intelligent choice. If you have a high traffic area this type of scenarios could damage some wood floors. Also, avoid tiles that are slippery.

9. Accents elements

We are strong believers that less is more. Adding too many elements to your kitchen that doesn’t match with your design will subtract the beauty of your kitchen project. Remember that your kitchen can look good but it also has to serve you on a daily basis.

We hope that this advice can help you in achieving the kitchen of your dreams, and for more inspiration, follow the Inspire Me Home Decor Youtube Channel. Feel free to see our kitchen cabinet selection.